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About Seaboard Cold Storage

Founded by Ben Greenbaum, Seaboard Cold Storage, Inc. has served the needs of the local, regional, national and the international community for almost 50 years. Ben built his company around one driving concept, excellence in customer service.

At one point, our facilities served as a major hub for the importation of frozen beef from New Zealand, Australia, and Central and South America. Tampa was second only to New York. We now receive millions of tons of frozen seafood from all the world’s fisheries.

Our domestic customers include distributors, manufacturers and those needing fulfillment services.

Mr. Ben Greenbaum passed the management on to his children, Elliot Greenbaum and Lois Greenbaum, and they are working together to bring in the next generation. We believe our team offers the insight, expertise, and commitment that our customers new and old depend on. Be sure to contact us, so that we may serve you.